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Business Checking Accounts

I’m currently working on finding a business checking account, and the basic principal is the same as for personal checking – The bank keeps track of your money, and they let you access it occasionally.  You get the conveniences of checking and online banking, but you get almost zero interest, and they charge you their …Read More

Buying a Car – The Basics

The Basics of Buying A Car When you buy a car – the first thing you see is the list price, or the sticker price, but there’s a lot more to it than just that number. Getting a good deal, or at least not being taken advantage of, requires you to have a little more …Read More

Pay Yourself First – The Best Savings Trick Ever

Does your money have a sneaky habit of disappearing before you’re able to put any of it away in savings? If you want to start consistently saving larger chunks of your income instead of putting away whatever happens to be left after all of your bill paying and spending for the month, you can probably …Read More

The Best Ways to Track Your Spending

In another article, we talked about the benefits of tracking your spending: basically that it will put your spending habits in plain sight so that you become accountable and more motivated to make a change. It will also give you the starting point for building your budget.  Think about it: if you don’t know how …Read More

Fixed Expenses, Variable Expenses & Who Cares?

If you want to cut down your spending and build a budget you can stick to, it helps to understand the different categories your expenses can fall in to. In case you didn’t get the hint from the title of this article, they’re called fixed expenses and variable expenses. The difference between the two is …Read More

Hold Yourself Accountable & Improve Your Spending Habits

If you’re reading this, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you understand the value of having money. Maybe you even want to maximize that value – i.e. have more money.  Then you can travel more, build a golf course in your backyard, buy a pet jaguar, or check off whatever’s next …Read More

The Time Value of Money Defined

You always hear that it takes money to make money right?  Well that’s not always the case –   Plenty of successful people have bootstrapped their way to success, starting with nothing but a positive attitude and a willingness to work harder than everyone else – but it is true that having some money does …Read More